Day 1

Started by getting on a subway from Whitley Bay to Wallsend, named, as you might imagine, because it was at the end (for us the beginning) of Hadrian’s Wall.  Went by Segedunum, what was once a large Roman fort and now a museum. Bought some tourist trinkets and got the first stamp in our Hadrian’s Wall passport and we headed off. Side note, we nearly immediately had to consult the map from getting off the subway to finding Segedenum.  The two are nearly within sight of each other, but we popped open the book just in case.

Walking along the first day involved a great deal of sidewalk or, as the English would say, “pavement” walking through the suburbs and center of Newcastle.

Newcastle has seven bridges across the Tyne and features the newest bridge – the Millenium bridge.  We got to the bridges by lunch time and celebrated what we thought was halfway through the mileage of the day.  However, about an hour and a half later, and in the rain that started shortly after lunch, we realized then we were halfway done. It was a bit disheartening considering that we were both coming to the realization that we were not physically prepared and that boots worn on sidewalks are not at all in any way comfortable.

Spent the night in Newburn and realized that I had two blisters on my right foot.  Delightful.  Took some advil, took a shower, had my cup of soup, and tried not to move from the bed for any reason.

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