Day 2

Day 2 dawned with the first thought of, “I don’t feel too bad.” This was shortly followed by getting up and moving around and the thought, “Are you kidding me? How long do I have to walk today? How long is this wall?”  A minor hatred of Hadrian was mollified by the full English breakfast of fried eggs, sausage, and bacon (all very salty). With some coffee in my system, some pilfered fruit from breakfast in my pocket and plenty of band-aids and moleskine covering my feet, I thought maybe I could manage the day.  Or rather, it wasn’t as though we had a lot of choice.

We were headed to East Wallhouses, up the hill through Heddon-on-the-Wall, which theoretically has a stretch of wall in/around it. We saw a lot of stone walls, and we assumed that some of the wall contained some stones from Hadrian’s Wall, but it was just a guess.

We walked through fields and some woods (with some really cool birds singing), and we were definitely out of Newcastle, which was a nice change.  It was pretty sunny at the start and no rain while we were walking, so that was great.

(Sorry the video is a bit bouncy, it was me walking along…so you could have the FULL experience!)

The house where we stopped was right along the wall, just down from the Robin Hood Inn where we got the second stamp in our passport.  The B&B was a working farm and we came through their fields to get there.  It’s lambing season, so there were little lambs running around, free range chickens, and some cattle.

So still definitely sore at the end of the day, but ta da! a blister had popped, so that made for just 1 blister left, so that’s…good?

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One Response to Day 2

  1. Those are definitely some cool sounding birds and some nice looking grounds and surroundings.

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