Day 3

In the morning, I got the unnecessary scare of the door to our bedroom at the B&B seemingly opening on its own. It was, in fact, the owner’s little white dog who was desperate for some attention. When we went downstairs, and after stuffing ourselves with another full English breakfast that was this time prefaced by a bowl of cereal, and were putting on our boots, the woman owner came out to chat for a bit. She said that, “Oh, wasn’t our President Obama dreamy.” Seemed a bit random, but OK, fine, good to know.

Broke my sunglasses as I forgot they were in the pocket of my rain jacket. Kind of a bummer. Granted, how often is it that sunny in England? (Later on, as I get sunburned, I figure that yes, on occasion, it does get sunny here.)

We found the wall!

This was the first sighting of the wall, and it was frankly a bit disappointing that it was such a short section.  Originally it was supposed to be around 3 meters in width, but then that seemed like too much, apparently, and in parts it’s only 2 meters.  That’s why the base is sometimes wider than the parts on top.

Ended the day by looking at Chesters Roman Fort after passing through the lovely village of Chollerford.  Side note – to the farmer who doesn’t let the path go through his fields and makes people go about 40 minutes out of the way to walk along the road that has no shoulder, I don’t like you very much at all!

After about 4 hours or so of walking, my feet and legs just started to get tired, so we looked a bit pathetic at Chesters.  At one point, as we sat on a bench to gather some strength to get to the bed and breakfast for the night, someone walked past us and said, “You two look shattered.”  Well, yes, yes we did I suppose.

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2 Responses to Day 3

  1. One of my favorite quotes from the video was, “We have a few more miles to go.” And then in the post – looking shattered? What in the world? Perhaps he was referring the the state of your blisters at that point. In any case, am enjoying the continued updates on the journey. 🙂

    • kristin5683 says:

      Shattered is a typical English word for really exhausted/out of it/not good. He was most likely correct! I am trying to work on getting things updated, but the updates are taking longer than the walk did!

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