Day 6

Day 6 was Gilsland to Walton. The second “light” day – only 8 miles.  The day was bright and sunny; the nicest one we’d seen on our walk.  Would have been great to have my sunglasses, but I had cracked them and tossed them somewhere around day 3.  I figured that I’d be smart and put on sunscreen. That worked out fairy well, until the end of the day, when I realized that I’d missed an odd triangle shape on my right hand, my entire left hand and wrist which left me with a lovely watch outline, and the back of my neck. Not ideal.

But none of that was evident as we walked. We headed to Birdoswald where, for the bank holiday, they were having reenactments. On the way was an old bridge and some lovely forest and fields (really, that could be said about most days except for the first). I didn’t get out my Flip video on Day 5 – too windy and too many hills and too annoyed about the missing sock, so I thought I’d redeem myself of Day 6!

In Birdoswald, we walked through and enjoyed some of the samples that were out, including some local jams and honeys. Then we watched a demonstration on Roman burials and then decided that to save our feet and get moving, since we’d only made it about 2 miles so far, we needed to pass on the calvary demonstration.

We made it an hour or two down the trail when we realized that we hadn’t put the stamp in our passport – there were about 6 spots along the trail where you get a stamp in a little Hadrian’s Wall passport. Birdoswald was one of them.  Really, it doesn’t make that much of a difference, a small black stamp in a folded piece of paper, but we had to get it somehow.  We walked up the trail until we came to a bus stop; during the summer, the AD122 bus runs along the wall. The next time it stopped there, heading back to Birdoswald, was in about an hour.  And then once we got back to Birdoswald and got our stamps, to get back on the bus and head back to where we stopped, we’d have to wait another hour. And yet, those were two hours that we wouldn’t have to walk again, so we waited.  Sadly, back at Birdoswald, the reenactments were on a cycle and we were there when the same things we’d already seen were happening again.

Here’s a long clip of part of the reenactments.

Finally back on track, we headed onto Walton. We were passed the wall sections, not much new to see. Lots of fields, lots of sheep, lots of rows of trees.  Sore feet and sore joints. But by the end of that day, we were definitely more than halfway done, though two big days were still left ahead of us.

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