Day 7 – One day left

Walked 12 miles today in from Walton and I am sitting in an internet cafe in Carlisle that is, hopefully, on the way to our resting spot for the night.

It was rainy and cloudy all day today and we have left behind any signs of the wall.  Tomorrow is a big day with 15 miles or so ahead of us, and a lot of it on sidewalk and road, which is not helping my shin splints! It will be nice to be finished!


My update on Carlisle. We stopped by a leisure centre in Carlisle to go to the bathroom and we saw a large group of walkers seemingly just starting their walk. They looked at us with some minor amusement and a hint of approval in our obvious efforts:  by the end of the day, we looked pretty rough.

After that brief stop, and a walk along a very nice looking windy river and through a golf course, we walked into Carlisle.  According to my guidebook, there was free internet at the library in town, and I was determined to get to it. A bit sad, my obsession with getting email, but that’s not to be worried about now.  Sevy was literally limping and we had no idea where we were. Thankfully we asked for directions and found out we were heading in exactly the wrong direction before we’d headed too far in that direction.  After finding out that the library was closed that day for maintenance or some such, we wandered through the town a bit.

We were surrounded by people going about their daily lives – shopping, going to restaurants, coming home from work – while we were aching and sore.  After wandering into Boots (chemist/pharmacy similar to Walgreens) and buying some Aftersun for my sunburn and being shocked that sunglasses would cost upwards of $50 there (still annoyed that mine had broken), we plodded towards the guesthouse.

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