Well done Albania

So my saga before I left for the summer involved my memory card. I figured that I should have one a bit bigger than 128mb. I hadn’t needed one before, because I was always close to my computer to upload any photos.  I went searching for the card, found it at Target, came home to put it in my camera, and it didn’t work.  Huh.  I ended up calling the camera manufacturer, and they explained that my camera would only work with the type M xd picture card.  What I had purchased was the M+, that is apparently the new type and the M is being phased out.  Can’t return opened electronics, so I was out of luck there.

But I figured that Amazon would be able to sort me out. I went online and specifically purchased the type M. I was sent the M+. I called to get my refund back, including shipping, and they said, “But the two cards are the same.” “No,” I said, “They’re different.”  “No, they’re the same,” they insisted.  “NO, they’re not!”  This went on for a bit, until they agreed to refund everything.  I tried again at two other places, calling beforehand this time to confirm it was the M and not the M+. Yes, yes, yes they all said, we have the M.  And each time, I was sent the M+.  Not all that helpful.

Thankfully my dad had some extra cards that worked, and then, yesterday as I went by the kodak store, I thought I’d pop in to see if they had a way to get pictures from the memory card onto a CD. They did not.  But what they did have was the elusive type M memory card.  I didn’t really need one at that point, but I figured that I had better get one since this seems to be the only place that has them.  So well done Albania!

Here’s a quick video of the restaurant along the promenade.  Note the lovely and modern Ray-Ban advertisement!

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