Well, it’s happened

So  I have come to the conclusion that working in a hostel is not ideal as a travel plan unto itself.  It isn’t a bad plan for a place that you really want to be able to explore in-depth (somewhere larger than a fishing village), if there are enough staff around that you can actually have a full day off (not just two people), and if you are taking a break from more long-term travel.

I’m bored and restless. I could have stayed in New Jersey for this! (A bit of a horrifying thought and a kind of “I told you so” moment for anyone who asked me why I was doing this…admitting mistakes shows maturity? Hopefully.)

I emailed the organization through which I found the job, and they said that if the exchange isn’t working out for any reason, then the helper should move on as soon as possible.  So that is what I’m planning to do.  When I told the manager this, she said that it wasn’t ideal, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.  When she discussed it with the owner, the owner said that I couldn’t leave until they found a replacement.

It seems pretty unlikely that there will be someone who just happens to be in the region that wants to work here for 10 days, but we’ll  see.  Otherwise, I may have to stick to my guns of “get me out of here” and just apologize, tell them the date I’m leaving, and just go. I am here as a volunteer, and it’s not as though I can be physically restrained from leaving….I don’t think…or at least I hope not…

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