Random Albania

There is an Albanian saying that the summer rain is like a donkey’s run – very short.

More to come…I have to pack!

**OK, here’s the more to come.**

Garlic is hung in many restaurants along the door for good luck/to protect against the evil eye.

“Rub an onion on it.” This is a suggestion for nearly any ailment from colds to a sprained ankle.

TVs are turned off during thunderstorms as the electricity is ungrounded (or something like that) and they are liable to explode.

Apparently a fake McDonald’s was put in Tirana, the capitol, and McDonald’s found out about it and refuses to build any restaurants there for an unspecified amount of time.  The last bit may not be true, but there are definitely no McDonald’s restaurants there, though I did see a “Don Macs” snack stand.

Albanians claim Alexander the Great was from there.

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