Sveti Naum

I am currently in Ohrid, Macedonia. We got the bus from Saranda at 5:30am, and we were followed by some barking and growling dogs for a bit, which wasn’t great. It took 7.5 hours to get to Korca. From there, we got a bus to Pogradec that took about 45 minutes. From there, a taxi for about 10 minutes to the border. We got out and walked across the border.  Handed my passport to the police on the Albania side, and he unhelpfully stamped it in the part in the back where you’re not actually supposed to stamp anything. Oh well. Not a lot to do. Then we walked about 400 feet to the Macedonia side and were in no-mans land for a bit. Took some quick pictures in the middle.

We got through to Macedonia by around 2:30 and we were told the next bus into Ohrid wasn’t until 4:25. Thankfully, we saw another backpacker on foot, and he said that just around the bend in the road was a monastery. So we decided to go there. We walked through some random RV park which didn’t seem very monastery-y. But then around the corner, we saw it.  I had been noticing the weird call of a bird that turned out to be the peacocks that wander the grounds.  I’m not sure what the significance of that is…but it was pretty interesting.  At one point, we tried to help corral a peacock over into a couple’s wedding picture, but the peacock was having none of it.

Frescoes at Sveti Naum

We saw the grave of Sveti Naum himself.   Sveti Naum was a student of the brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius.  Sveti Naum had the monastery of St. Archangel built, it’s where he is buried now. He was buried in 910.  The little monastery/church has lots of really interesting and beautiful frescoes, painted in the 1800s.  We actually got in for free, which was a bit random.  We were kind of looking in and the guy at the desk motioned us to go in. We asked how much, and he said for you, it’s no charge.  Then when we came out, he gave us a little blessings card. Which is in Macedonian, and therefore, I have no idea what it says.

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