Tour of Mostar, part 2

After plenty of paddling about in COLD water, we were off to Počitelj, a walled-in medieval town on a hill.  It has some stunning views out over the countryside.  And I have never seen a river that is that color.  Loved it.

Only about four families still live there.  It involved some bumpy back road driving to get there, and it was plenty of steps to get up there, so it’s not that convenient to live there. Back in medieval times, servants and slaves/prisoners were used to haul the water from the river below up the town. It would have been quite the hike.

One woman living there met our tour guide and a group by happenstance on one rainy day, and she invited them inside for a drink and some food.  She had some delicious homemade cakes for us, and her granddaughter (I think or great-niece) led us up the stone stairs to the house.

From there, we neared the Croatian border to go to Blagaj. It’s the source of the Buna River that, to all intents and purposes, comes right out of the rock.  Divers and scientists can’t determine the actual source of the water.

The hole to the right is where the water comes from.

We arrived there after dusk, and with the sound of the rushing water, the clear and star-filled sky, and the outline of Blagaj tekke, a house of worship built in the 16th century. It was built tucked in under a cliff face to have protection from the rain.

To go in, the women had to have our heads covered and our legs covered.

When we stepped inside, it was to be right foot first and when we left, it was left foot first. Something about cleanliness between right and left.  During January, there are dervishes who come and meditate and dance all night.  That would be a sight to see!

Our last event on the tour was going to the banks of the river and taking a drink of the water from a large silver ladle. If you make a wish while drinking the water, it’s supposed to come true. We’ll see!

I really wished I had a fantastic camera for night photos. I couldn’t get anything that did it justice! Here’s the best I could do!

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