Bastille Day Fireworks

We went a few days before the 14th to find a good spot to watch the fireworks for Bastille Day.  We found a good spot along the Île des Cygnes, a manmade island in the Seine near the replica of the Statue of Liberty. We got there on the 14th around 7:30 – plenty of time! Around 8:40, we got a little hungry and the closest place that had food to takeaway and was open was…McDonald’s. Not necessarily a fitting supper for Bastille Day, but not much else to do! We got back to our spot to find more people there and people starting to line the bridge above us. We ate our dinner and Sophia started doing test shots and getting angles right for fireworks pictures.

Then the lights on the Eiffel Tower went out.  There were some loud booms of fireworks going off somewhere behind us, but those were unsolicited, random fireworks. Then there were some noises from ahead of us and off to the far left. But we were waiting for the real thing.  Which was happening, not, in fact, from the Eiffel Tower, but from near the Trocadero.  Which was ahead of us and off to the far left.  So along with the hundred or so other people near us, we dashed the 100 feet across the island to catch the show.  Slightly disappointing that they weren’t from the Eiffel Tower itself, but the view was pretty good and the show was pretty spectacular.

Here are the first 6 minutes or so of the fireworks.  The people standing behind us had the funniest reactions! You can hear them pretty well.

And some more fireworks

And here are the end of the fireworks. I love that everyone started clapping and cheering at the end.

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One Response to Bastille Day Fireworks

  1. Kristin – Nice capture of the fireworks! This is pretty impressive, I have never been able to get a good capture – photo or video – of fireworks.

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