Museum Pass Day Two

Last night, I headed to the show “How to Become Parisian in One Hour” by a French comedian. He did the show entirely in English, which was quite helpful! It was pretty funny – how to be Parisian in the metro – pick a spot on the floor and glare at it while looking depressed.  That’s a fairly good description of any big city subway system!

So after my night at the comedy show and my tromps around Paris and museums on museum pass day one, I was frankly not that enthusiastic about getting up and about and wandering around more.  But I had paid for my pass, so wander I did.

I headed into the center and thought since it was essentially already free, I would go to the crypt at Notre Dame. I had some visions of graves and tombs, etc.  What was there was the ruins of the original city. It showed ruins dating back to the beginning of Paris itself. It was mildly interesting, but I must admit that had I not had the museum pass and I had paid money to get in, I would have spent more time there. The more time spent, the more it’s worth your money? That’s always my idea.  The signs were in English as well, which was helpful, but it wasn’t overly absorbing. At least not for me.

I headed to the Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages.  It features a large Roman bath house and loads of statues, many from places around Paris, like Notre Dame. The carvings and the detail were intricate and interesting.

The main attraction is the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries – six wool and silk tapestries that show the five senses and then the final enigmatic tapestry.  For taste, the lady is eating

sweets and a tiny monkey at her feet is eating one as well.  For sound, the lady is playing an organ. For sight, she and the unicorn are looking in a mirror.  For smell, she is holding flowers as the monkey is smelling one.  For touch, she is touching the unicorn’s horn.  In the sixth, it is titled with an ambiguous title that may translate to “My one desire.”

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