Every Friday afternoon, I’m reminded why I dislike New Jersey

New Jersey is the most populated state in the country. According to the latest census information, there are 1,134.5 people per square mile here with 8.7 million people in total. And it seems as though all of those people, once they get behind the wheel of a car, become psychotic, selfish, ego maniacs who don’t know how to read – STOP and YIELD – what do those mean?!  (I would argue that any who chooses to live on the Jersey shore, is on the Jersey shore and/or watches the Jersey shore is that all of the time…)

I have been cut off, yelled at, flipped off, etc. for following traffic laws in this state. It seems to be commonplace here to drive along the shoulder, not pull over for emergency vehicles, make left turns from the right hand lane, and treat yellow lights as a sign to accelerate. Today I was in a traffic circle, where, as anyone who’s not an idiot knows, you yield to the car already in the traffic circle.  Nope, I was cut off and then screamed at after I honked by a rap music pumping, backward baseball cap wearing, Honda driver. Here’s a clue, you don’t get to act like you own the world when you drive a Honda.

And on Fridays it gets worse. The highways are filled with traffic, thousands of exhaust-belching polluting machines (yes, I know I drive one of them) and I have seen dozens of cars consider the shoulder as a fourth lane. It’s just so not an option. At what point in your head does that become a viable option? What is so urgent about your life that you think that you’re the only one the traffic laws don’t apply to?

I was riding in a cab to get to the train station to get to the airport. There is a light on a blind hill – thankfully the NJ transportation department there is a sign that warns you that there is a red light coming up.  My driver’s response – ignore all of the warnings and the lights and speed through a red light as though there wasn’t oncoming traffic.  How is that OK? And why do I still live here?

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One Response to Every Friday afternoon, I’m reminded why I dislike New Jersey

  1. Riot Kitty says:

    This is why I don’t live in NYC anymore! People here drive really f-ed up too, though…not aggressively, but so dumbly that they’re dangerous.

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