A weekend at Elkhorn Slough

About 30 minutes south of Santa Cruz along Highway 1 is the small fishing town of Moss Landing. Along with a power plant, it has one of California’s largest estuaries and the highest concentration of sea otters on the central coast and quite possibly in the state.

Along with sea otters, harbor seals, pelicans, sea lions, cormorants, snowy egrets, great blue herons and more all live or spend time here. I was able to capture just a glimpse of the amazing wildlife that you can see everywhere you look every time you visit this magical place.

I’ve spent time kayaking there, but I’d never really gone out just to take photos. So I rented a telephoto lens (50-500) and a tripod from lensrentals.com, and I headed out for 3 days. I’m tempted to do it again, since 2 of those 3 days had cloudy mornings, but I think I did OK for my first time out. Which one do you like best?

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3 Responses to A weekend at Elkhorn Slough

  1. Joyce says:

    I like them all, but a few favorites are munching on the crab and kayak and the pelicans and the footprints.

  2. Mark Conard says:

    My favorites include “Sea otter tracks,” “Sea lions hanging out…” and “Snowy egret grabs a snack.”

  3. Carolee Syres says:

    Kristin, these are beautiful. Takes me back to when Chet and I drove Hwy 1 and saw so many such sights. Thanks.

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